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Large Be Mine Letter Chenille Iron On Patch Embroidery 9"x10"

Large Be Mine Letter Chenille Iron On Patch Embroidery 9"x10"

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Chenille Patch 
9" by 10"   Approx. 

Temperature: 325 - 350°
Pre-press for 5-7 seconds to eliminate moisture/wrinkles
Place patch between teflon or parchment paper
Press Duration: 20 seconds
Apply heavy pressure
Turn the garment inside out and press once more
Refer to the PRESSING INSTRUCTIONS tab for additional details and troubleshooting tips

Suitable for use on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, and cotton/polyester blend fabrics.

Instructions for Putting on Patches:

  • Put a piece of cloth on top of the patch.
  • Press the iron down real hard on the patch and count to 10 for a quick check.
  • It usually takes about 20-25 seconds to fully melt the glue, but irons are different, so watch out and don't burn anything. If the glue isn't all gooey or if you touch the patch while it's still warm, it might start peeling off. If that happens, just iron it again.
  • To make sure nothing burns and the patch sticks super well: First, stick the patch where you want it and melt the glue with the iron. Then, turn the stuff inside out and iron through the fabric against the back of the patch. This way, you can see if any parts of the glue didn't stick right, and it helps make everything stick better. Also, try washing gently or by hand and laying flat or hanging up to dry.
  • You HAVE to wait a few minutes for the patch to cool down before touching it so the glue can dry.
  • Once it's stuck on, it might be hard to take off without messing up the fabric.
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