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Daily Reminders UV DTF 16OZ CUP WRAP

Daily Reminders UV DTF 16OZ CUP WRAP

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The newest (and most spectacular) development in cup manufacturing is DTF UV transfers! They are simple to use and offer an alternative to plucking and weeding vinyl.

Because they are so adhesive, these full-color transfers will stick to most hard surfaces. They are scratch- and water-resistant.


  • Peel back of the sticker
  • Transfer carefully and straightly onto cup. You cannot withdraw the transfer to reposition your design after it has been put on.
  • Like with vinyl decals, you must press the pattern down from the center out while attempting to eliminate any bubbles.
  • To guarantee strong adhesion, rub the decals down with your hands or a squeegee tool.
  • Pull the film's top layer off.

Each wrap is printed to 9.68 x 4-4.5 inches (within aspect ratio of the design) Each design may varyAdjustments may need to be made - designs can be cut apart or trimmed down as needed.

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